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Business Case

  • Your business does not have any online store to run online business
  • Or your existing traditional shopping cart solution is outdated and does not cater to the growing needs of your business
  • Existing shopping cart solution does not provide any business intelligence to take effective decisions to promote the products
  • Difficult to setup products and change the store design
  • Difficult to run marketing campaigns
  • Takes long time to familiarize with the portal
  • administration which poses a pain in training
  • Not supporting multiple payment gateways and delivery options
  • Slow in performance and low in usability

Available Options

  • Build your own custom solution
  • Outsource to Third Party
  • Costly & Time consuming
  • Require an in house software development team
  • Need to be tested before production rollout
  • Too Costly & Time Consuming
  • Need to project manage
  • Challenges in getting the required support
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